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Find journal articles, presentations, and other publications about H2NEW consortium research.

Journal Articles and Conference Papers

Oxidation of Nickel in Solid Oxide Cells during Electrochemical Operation: Experimental Evidence, Theoretical Analysis, and an Alternative Hypothesis on the Nickel Migration, Journal of Power Sources (2023), T. L. Cheng, Y. Lei, Y. Chen, Y. Fan, H. Abernathy, X. Song, Y. H. Wen

Strontium Free Cu-Doped La2NiO4 Oxides as Promising Oxygen Electrodes for Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells, ECS Transactions (2023), S. B. Karki, L. Seymour, L. Le, C. Coyle, R. Springer, J. Escobar, K. Meinhardt, O. A. Marina

Development of Long Duration Button Cell Test Stands and Testing Protocols, ECS Transactions (2023), J. Hartvigsen, J. Gomez, N. Kane, M. Casteel, C. Priest, L. Wang, C. White, R. Boardman, D. Ding

Accelerated Stress Testing of Standard Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells, ECS Transactions (2023), N. Kane, J. Hartvigsen, M. Casteel, C. Priest, J. Gomez, L. Wang, C. White, R. Boardman, D. Ding

Modeling Framework to Analyze Performance and Structural Reliability of Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells, Journal of The Electrochemical Society (2022), J. Bao, N. Karri, K. Recknagle, C. Wang, B. Koeppel, O. A. Marina

Chapter 10 - Economic Considerations for Hydrogen Production With a Focus on Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Electrolysis, Electrochemical Power Sources: Fundamentals, Systems, and Applications (2022), A. Badgett, M. Ruth, B. Pivovar

Insights Into Interfacial and Bulk Transport Phenomena Affecting Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzer Performance at Ultra-Low Iridium Loadings, Advanced Science (2021), X. Peng, P. Satjaritanun, Z. Taie, L. Wiles, A. Keane, C. Capuano, I. V. Zenyuk, N. Danilovic

Methods Identifying Cost Reduction Potential for Water Electrolysis Systems, Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering (2021), A. Badgett, M. Ruth, B. James, B. Pivovar

Methods—Practices and Pitfalls in Voltage Breakdown Analysis of Electrochemical Energy-Conversion Systems, Journal of the Electrochemical Society (2021), M. R. Gerhardt, L. M. Pant, J. C. M. Bui, A. R. Crothers, V. M. Ehlinger, J. C. Fornaciari, J. Liu, A. Z. Weber

High Efficiency PEM Water Electrolysis Enabled by Advanced Catalysts, Membranes and Processes, ECS Meeting Abstracts (2020), C. Capuano, K. Ayers, J. Manco, L. Wiles, S. Errico, I. V. Zenyuk, A. Z. Weber, A. Kusoglu, N. Danilovic, M. Ulsh, S. A. Mauger, J. Pfeilsticker, S. M. Alia

Direct Roll-to-Roll Coating of Catalyst-Coated Membranes for Low-Cost PEM Water Electrolyzers, ECS Meeting Abstracts (2020), J. Park, Z. Kang, G. Bender, M. Ulsh, S. A. Mauger


DOE Hydrogen Program 2023 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting Presentations

H2NEW Consortium: Hydrogen from Next-Generation Electrolyzers of Water, B. Pivovar, R. Boardman

H2NEW LTE: Durability and AST Development, R. Mukundan

H2NEW LTE: Benchmarking and Performance, D. Myers

H2NEW LTE: Manufacturing, Scale-Up, and Integration, S. Mauger

H2NEW LTE: System and Techno-Economic Analysis, A. Badgett

H2NEW HTE: Durability and AST Development, O. Marina

H2NEW HTE: Cell Characterization, D. Ginley

H2NEW HTE: Multiscale Degradation Modeling, B. Wood

H2NEW LTE: Liquid Alkaline Water Electrolysis, B. Pivovar