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About H2NEW

The H2NEW consortium overcomes technical barriers to affordable, reliable, and efficient electrolyzers of water—empowering industry with insights for achieving low-cost and large-scale clean hydrogen production.

Durable, efficient, and low-cost hydrogen electrolyzers are essential for unlocking the wide-ranging benefits of the U.S. Department of Energy's H2@Scale vision. H2NEW (H2 from Next-generation Electrolyzers of Water) is helping secure that vision with components, materials integration, and manufacturing R&D necessary for enabling $2/kg hydrogen by 2026.

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The Goals of H2NEW

Water is converted into hydrogen by either low-temperature electrolysis (LTE) or high-temperature electrolysis (HTE) pathways to achieve a hydrogen production target of less than $2 per kg hydrogen by 2026.

Through research on both low- and high-temperature electrolysis technologies, H2NEW represents a comprehensive, concerted effort to support large industry deployment of durable, efficient, and low-cost electrolyzers for hydrogen production. The consortium is guided by clear, well-defined metrics to measure its success.

H2NEW Electrolyzer Goals by 2026
 Low Temperature Polymer Electrolyte MembraneLow Temperature Liquid AlkalineHigh Temperature Oxide-Ion-Conducting Solid Oxide
Capital Cost$100/kW$100/kW$125/kW
Electric Efficiency (lower heating value)69% at 3.0 A/cm269% at 1.0 A/cm298% at 1.2 A/cm2
Lifetime80,000 hours80,000 hours40,000 hours