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H2NEW's targeted electrolysis research is propelled by the expertise and capabilities of nine U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories and DOE's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office.

Stakeholder Advisory Board

H2NEW engages with a stakeholder advisory board to draw insights from industrial and academic stakeholders.

Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolysis Advisory Board

  • Kathy Ayers, Vice President of R&D, Nel Hydrogen US
  • Cortney Mittelsteadt, Vice President of Electrolyzer Technology, Plug Power
  • Andrew Steinbach, 3M Corporate Research Materials Laboratory
  • Jack Brouwer, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California Irvine
  • Mark Mathias, Electrochemical System Consultant and Adjunct Professor, University of Rochester
  • Nemanja Danilovic, Director, Cell Development, Electric Hydrogen
  • Marc Gurau, Global Technology Senior Manager, Hydrogen Economy Venture, Chemours
  • Wayne Eckerle, Vice President of PEM Electrolyzer Stack Product Development, Cummins

Liquid Alkaline Electrolysis Advisory Board

Under development.

High-Temperature Electrolysis Advisory Board

  • Tony Leo, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, FuelCell Energy
  • John Pietras, R&D Manager for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells at Saint Gobain
  • Scott Swartz, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Nexceris
  • Jittisa Ketkaew, Principal Technologist, Bloom Energy
  • Greg Tao, Co-Founder and Vice President, Chemtronergy
  • Joe Hartvigsen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, OxEon Energy
  • Elango Elangovan, Chief Scientific Officer, OxEon Energy